The Aim and Functions of the Bereavement Care Network

To improve co-ordination and strengthen partnerships to support the delivery of bereavement care by connecting people; identifying services; and promoting education and support for people involved in bereavement care.

The specific functions of the bereavement care network will be to:

  1. Collate and maintain a directory of services on a regional and state-wide level. This will include information such as the service locations, contact details, and service parameters including client restrictions and costs.
  2. Manage an accessible list of members and organisations comprising the bereavement care network. Inclusion of a description of their background, credentials, expertise and service/s offered will facilitate ‘warm’ referrals.
  3. Provide a listing of relevant educational resources that are accessible to formal and informal bereavement care providers.
  4. Distribute relevant information on current news and events. This may include upcoming forums, workshops, conferences, CPD events and grants.


Currently Under Review