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Values and Principles

Our members will offer services that are safe, person-centred and delivered within an individual’s scope of practice and capabilities; informed by an understanding of referral pathways for clients who need additional or specialist services.

Our members subscribe to the following values and principles in the care they deliver:

  • Accountability: we are accountable to our clients, caregiver/s, families and the community.
  • Respect: our care will be non-discriminatory and delivered without prejudice. We will treat people as individuals – with empathy, compassion and respect for their culture, values, and beliefs, in ways that value diversity and are sensitive to their particular situation.
  • Person-centred care: our clients will be at the centre of care at all times, with support to make their own decisions without pressure from providers to take a particular path.
  • Communication: we will communicate honestly and in ways most likely to be understood by the client
  • Informed choice: clients will be informed about the options available to them. We will assist them to manage their own situation according to their preferences.
  • Awareness and access: We understand our boundaries and limitations. We will refer clients to more specialist services as appropriate.
  • Evidence based care: we draw on current best evidence in providing care to clients.
  • Safe and ethical practice: we adhere to the codes of practice and ethics of our profession and our organisation. We welcome feedback and reflect on what we do.
  • Advocacy: we advocate for our clients, their families and communities